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Australian Food Super

Taking your super to a new job

Australian Food Super

Taking your super to a new job

Under the rules of superannuation in Australia, you are allowed to choose the superannuation fund you want to belong to and your employer, generally, must make Superannuation Guarantee contributions to the fund you have selected.

So if you’ve been happy with the benefits you have received from Australian Food Super, you can maintain your membership when you change jobs, even if you leave the food industry all together. Your Australian Food Super membership can go with you anywhere.

All you have to do is complete a Choice of superannuation fund Standard choice form below, nominating Australian Food Super as your preferred fund, and click the “Email this to me” button below. Then you can give the completed form to your new employer by either printing it out or forwarding the email.

take your super to a new job

My choice of fund

  • I request that all my future employer super contributions are made to:

    Fund name: Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Trust trading as Australian Food Super
    Fund ABN: 28 342 064 803
    Fund USI: 28342064803589
    Fund SPIN: AMI0100AU
    Fund Phone No:1800 808 614
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  • Employer information

  • Chosen fund payment methods

    If you are a registered Australian Food Super employer (that is, you already pay contributions to Australian Food Super on behalf of other members), you can simply continue using your current payment method for your contributions.

    If you are not a registered Australian Food Super employer, you can:

    1. Become a registered employer by contacting our Hotline on 1800 808 614 or visiting You will then be able to enjoy additional flexibility in making payments such as direct debit or BPAY®.
    2. Use an existing payment process you have in place to forward payments to super funds, for example, a clearing house.
    3. If you would like to offer Australian Food Super at your company, please contact Daniel Musson by emailing
    4. Australian Food Super complying fund letter is available at Please retain for your records.

    IMPORTANT: This form is for your employers records only - do not send it to Australian Food Super. This form can be used instead of completing Part A of the Choice of superannuation fund — Standard choice form which you may have received from your employer. Some employees may not be able to choose their own superannuation fund. Please speak to your employer for more information.